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Heat Pump Installations

Heat pumps, which are also known as ductless mini splits are diverse systems that can provide heat or cold air to your home or business. These systems have a number of different models and functions ranging from heating or cooling a single room, all the way to heating or cooling your entire home. Here are some of the heat pump installation projects that have been completed by the Heat Rite team.

Water Heater Installations

Your water heater is essential for the overall comfort of your home or building. There are a number of different types of water heaters you can take advantage of. Each unit has different levels of efficiency and take up a different amount of space. The Heat Rite team has experience in installing standard Bradford White water heats all the way to installing tankless Viessmann water heaters.

Boiler & Furnaces Installations

Your boiler or furnace is responsible for heating your home or your commercial building. These two systems run off of either oil or gas and when they aren’t operating effectively you could be losing money and risk the chance of being without heat. Following are some of the boiler and furnace installation projects we’ve completed.

Air Conditioning Installations

During the warm days of summer it is important for your air conditioning system to being running as efficiently as it can to make sure you are staying cool. We have completed a countless number of central air conditioning installations and with the new heat pump technology, we’ve completed a number of those projects for air conditioning, as well.

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